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from Cloud computing, using Cloud Industry
standards to drive our client’s cloud strategies


Melinda is a software engineer, and has challenges in the speed of delivery so she has to always copy code to the hosting site/server when she is done with development. This operation is always prone to errors.

Trainings at MCS will help Melinda to learn better ways to improve her speed of application delivery thereby churning out new features faster and easier.

Our trainings are based on practical scenarios, and real problems in the workplace and solutions that are sustainable, repeatable and scaleable. These training are in Cloud Computing and DevOps.


Stacks Limited, is on the verge of collapse due to high cloud bills. The CFO and CTO are on a head-on collision because they dont understand each other and what is causing the how bills in the Cloud.

With MCS Consulting Advisory we can help in analyzing the bills and spending and draft a strategy that will help to drop the bills lower initially, and continually month-on-month.

Our Consulting Advisory is tailor designed to solve specific business problems in usage of Cloud and DevOps principles, whether you are in the introductory, or advanced stages of use.


Simon has been trying to learn DevOps for a long time, and he still seems not to understand it. He has used Jenkins and CircleCI and still does not understand the real value it brings.

There is a distinction between knowing a part and walking through it. Simon knows the path, but he is yet to understanding the walking and the value the knowledge brings to him and an organization.

Mentoring at MCS helps to make novices in Cloud Computing and DevOps become real experts. It also provides framework for idea exchange and solving problems for fellow mentees.

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Practical scenarios in training and mentorship programmes

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