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AWS Trusted Advisor, Amazon Inspector, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS site-to-site VPN, AWS Transit Gateway

Company Introduction

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc is one of the top ten General Business and Special Risk Insurance underwriters in Nigeria. The company for the last 12 years has played a leadership role in the underwriting of key transactions in Aviation, Oil & Gas, Marine Cargo and Hull Business as well as in Motor insurance business.

The Challenge

The company has most of its client servicing applications hosted on AWS. Over time, the AWS account and the resources used by the company needed to be well architected as there was increase in cost, lower performance and security vulnerability of the application deployed.
The company also has five branch offices that need to be all connected to the AWS account and interconnected with each other for easy accessing and sharing of resources.


The AWS account was analysed using Trusted Advisor to check the five major aspects of the account which are: Cost optimization, Performance, Security, Fault tolerance and Service limits.
The servers were analysed using Amazon Inspector for software and Operating System Vulnerabilities
AWS CloudWatch Agent and Dashboards were configured to monitor the resource utilisation metrics of the EC2 Instances
Re-architecting AWS solutions usage to reduce cost
Downgraded resources that have low percentage utilisations over a period of time.
Established connections and resource sharing from the various branches to AWS and also to each others using AWS Transit Gateway and site-to-site VPN connections


The process involves these stages;
Analyzing the AWS account
Rearchitecting the deployed solution
Secure the account


We reduced the company cost by 29.64% per annum, performed a Well architected framework training and the pillars and how the understanding helps with setting up more cloud-native applications

Technologies Used

AWS Trusted Advisor, Amazon Inspector, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS site-to-site VPN, AWS Transit Gateway